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Here are some links for sermons / teaching that you can enjoy at any time (not just a Sunday). Some of the links provided on the 'Online Churches' page will provide live-streaming or recordings of full services, but if you'd rather get straight to some teaching, these links might be of interest. 

We've provided a selection of written sermons you can read online or download and print, and recorded sermons from several other churches.

Conclusion to our recent video series 

For our regulars attending earlier in the year (during Peter's sabbatical), we are able to provide you access to the last few sessions of the 'Living Christianity' video series (or to any sessions you have missed). 

Please use the contact form or drop Helen an email and she will provide the relevant details if she hasn't already managed to send them to you by email. (Note - this will require internet access, rather than watching the DVD).

For a limited time only!

Rainham Christian Fellowship online services (pdfs, for viewing online or download/print)

Service notes including prayers, readings and sermons by our leaders, generally by Peter except where noted.

Sunday 30th Aug. (Summer Series pt.6) notes coming soon...

Sunday 23rd Aug(Summer Series pt.5) notes coming soon...

Sunday 16th Aug. (Summer Series pt.4) notes coming soon...

Sunday 9th Aug. (Summer Series pt.3) notes available at this 

Sunday 2nd Aug. (Summer Series pt.2) notes available at this 

Sunday 29th July (Summer Series pt.1) notes available at this link    

Sunday 19th July (sharing service) notes available at this link    

Sunday 12 July - God Provides
Peter's intro, prayers etc available at this link    
Clare's sermon available at this link    

Sunday 5th July notes available at this link    

Sunday 28th June notes available at this link    

Sunday 21st June notes available at this link link 

Sunday 14th June (Debs) notes available at this link 

Sunday 7th June
(Jenny B) notes available at this link 

Sunday 31st May
 notes available at this link    

Sunday 24th May
notes available at this link   

Sunday 10th May
notes available at this link   

Sunday 3rd May (Jenny B) notes available at this link   

Sunday 26th April notes available at this link 

Sunday 19th April
notes available at this link

Easter Series

Palm Sunday service (worship at home) link

Holy Week short meditations link

Easter Sunday link

RCF Pre-lockdown archive (typically sermon-only)

2 Peter series:

2 Peter chapt.1  (19/05/19)

2 Peter chapt.2  (16/06/19)

2 Peter chapt.3  (30/06/19)

One-off topics:

Blessed are the Meek  (10/07/16)

Why are the Jews Persecuted?  (10/11/19)

What on Earth is God Doing?  (24/11/19)

Abraham's Prayer for Sodom  (02/02/20)

Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11)  (16/02/20)

Recorded sermons from other churches

Holy Trinity Brompton (including talks by Nicky Gumbel)

Audio only:
Lindsay Park Baptist, London (mainly by Roger Martin)
Also streaming live 'video sermons' via their YouTube channel:
Lindsay Park YouTube

East Hill Baptist, London:

Grace, London:

Gold Hill Baptist, near Slough:

St Nicholas, Bristol

Daily readings series
These typically provide a short excerpt from the Bible, some commentary or reflection and a prayer. 

UCB's 'Word for the Day' and 'Word for You' series, available online:

Christian Aid daily reading series

Our Daily Bread

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